Ocean Premium Plus Sailcloth delivers the very best performance figures of any woven polyester produced by Bainbridge.

  • Designed to give sailmakers & boat owners alike the very best in performance and shape holding power.
  • In turn delivering outstanding longevity for many seasons ahead.
  • Top Quality, High Tenacity Yarns.
  • Ocean Premium Plus also incorporates a unique Ripstop that sets it apart from standard woven products.

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All Purpose/Blade AP styles are engineered to provide good fill strength and at the same time excellent bias stretch resistance.The ability to resist long term loads comes from the construction of the woven cloth in close harmony with the resin’s ability to reinforce

   Fibercon High-Aspect sails are those where the focus of loading is concentrated up the leech of the sail. These sails are recognised by their tall, narrow profile.

Only the highest-quality yarns and tightest weaves are used in these fabrics. By using fill fibers that are larger than the warp yarns, all the crimp is forced into the smaller warp fibres.

This leaves the fill yarns perfectly straight to offset the high leech loads. This weave, which produces the best non-stretch fabric available, also gives excellent bias control for maximum durability.


Is made in strong high tech composite, this material replaces aluminium. All edges are well rounded. Noextra work on ages for webbing attachments etc. It makes full use of Rutgerson leech blocks and hinges. The headboard is symetrical and can therefore be used in two dufferent positions, either short side up or long side


Anodised aluminium alloy headboards.

SDA Fittings

These fittings, manufactured by SDA, are suitable for fully battened mainsails on boats up to 40 ft.

▲ Moulded from reinforced nylon.

▲ All fixings are in light-weight alloy.

Battcars slides



Full Batten Fitting

This batten fitting is made in a very light and extremely composite material which offers very high UV resistance

Inox Ring System

▲ Manufactured from type 316 stainless steel, and injection moulded nylon.▲ Liners and pins are passivated to reduce risk of staining.▲ Liners are seamless for maximum strength.▲ Range of colours to permit the use of house colours and sail identification.▲ Finely pointed pins penetrate between the sailcloth fibres and do not cut the fabric.▲ Nylon ring gives chafe-free contact with sailcloth.▲ When set, the pins are locked through the sailcloth and into the opposite face of the ring providing DOUBLE SHEAR strength.▲ Range of high strength clew attachments available.▲ Excellent internal profile for attachment of sheets.

The Super ring

is a sail ring made of high quality Swedish stainless steel, acid proof steel with unsurpressed strength and grip on the sailcloth. The rings are easier to handle and fit, allowing smaller sizes than normal to be used with the same result.

Super Heavy Weight – Tubular

▲Available only on full reels.▲ All products are nylon except E124 Dacron

Heavy Weight Polyester

▲Strong, low stretch webbing ideal for strapping rings on sails▲Flat, non_tubular webbing▲Excellent UV resistance▲Very low stretch▲Minimal shrinkage▲Available only on full reels