Ocean Sailcloth is the choice of Sailmakers world-wide who wish to offer customers with sails built from quality cloth. Providing both the Inshore & Coastal Yachtsman with sails that will deliver excellent performance & value for many seasons ahead.

  • Used in a range of applications from Cruising, Club Racing to OEM sail contracts on boats up to 60ft.
  • Designed for excellent Performance & Durability.
  • A complete range of weights & constructions to optimise performance in target applications.
  • High Tenacity Yarns.
  • Good UV resistance.
  • Available in High & Low Aspect Styles.

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            All Purpose/Blade AP styles are engineered to provide good fill strength and at the same time excellent bias stretch resistance.

The ability to resist long term loads comes from the construction of the woven cloth in close harmony with the resin’s ability to reinforce

        Fibercon High-Aspect sails are those where the focus of loading is concentrated up the leech of the sail. These sails are recognised by their tall, narrow profile.

Only the highest-quality yarns and tightest weaves are used in these fabrics. By using fill fibers that are larger than the warp yarns, all the crimp is forced into the smaller warp fibres.

This leaves the fill yarns perfectly straight to offset the high leech loads. This weave, which produces the best non-stretch fabric available, also gives excellent bias control for maximum durability.

buttonSea Sure’s range of clew blocks are unsurpassed for quality and performance. The bearing system has been engineered to provide smooth-running reliability under the most demanding conditions, whilst the aluminium alloy side plates provide strength without adding excessive weight. Also available in other colours P/No SHEAVE DIA. MAX ROPE SIZE WEBBING SIZE SUITABLE FOR BOATS04-87 42mm 8mm 20mm 7 – 10 metres04-88 50mm 10mm 30mm 7 – 12 metres04-90 70mm 12mm 30mm 10 – 16 metres04-92 100mm 14mm 50mm 14 – 18 metres

Heavy Weight Polyester

▲Strong, low stretch webbing ideal for strapping rings on sails

▲Flat, non_tubular webbing

▲Excellent UV resistance

▲Very low stretch

▲Minimal shrinkage

▲Available only on full reels