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▲ Having in mind that the difficult circumstances of the Greek sea & especially that of the Aegean, we created a construction that efficiently covers the requirements and needs of professional boats.SUNBRELLA® This textile is offered in a variety of colors and is indelible.


▲ Windows : UV yachts special-Made in the U.S.A. This is a fabric especially designed for use in the seas and its characteristics are: the transparency, the protection against UV rays, and its particular high flexibility which prevents crumbling and breaking

▲ Frame: Inox 316L( low carbon)/25mm Φ/1,5mm The way frame is constructed and supported, assures absolute firmness. Type 316 L has low carbon content, which restricts to the minimum the oxidization of the metal.

▲ Hardware-thread: The choice of materials, such as straps, zippers, buttons and leather are used from high specifications materials. The thread we use is from acrylic thread 20/3 with UV protection and made under a specific process were water is not alloweded to pass through the stitch; this process is named STOP AQUA. All these materials come from the well known company COUSIN

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